Program At a Glance

Preliminary Program

19:00-19:50Opening Session - Keynote Conference 1:
Luke O’Neill (TCD / Ireland)
Krebs Cycle reborn in macrophage activation
Chair: Pedro Moraes-Vieira (UNICAMP / SP)
Room 1Room 2Room 3
8:00 - 8:50BD BIOSCIENCE course Spectral and conventional flow cytometry: discover the main differences and the flexibility to choose between them in a single equipment.
MorningRoom 1Room 2Room 3
SYMPOSIUM 1: Immuneregulation
Chair: Ana Paula Lepique (USP / SP)
SYMPOSIUM 2: Adipose Tissue and obesity
Chair: Tatiani Uceli Maioli (MG)
SYMPOSIUM 3: Cell Host & Microbe
Chair: Walderez Dutra
9:00 - 9:30Restoring the immune response for cancer and HIV cures
Rafick Sekaly (Emory / USA)
Perivascular Macrophages in the intersection of tissue health and disease pathophysiology
Hernandez Moura Silva (MIT / USA)
Exploring metabolic reprogramming in Leishmania sp infection
Claudia Brodsky (FioCruz / RJ)
9.30 - 10:00Dissecting the Tumor Microenvironment in Kidney Cancer
Kimryn Rathmell (VUMC / USA)
Regulation of the aging adipose-resident immune compartment
Emily Goldberg (UCSF / USA)
The Immunometabolic Impact of SARS-CoV-2 on the Syrian Hamster Brain.
Jean Pierre (USP / SP)
10:00 - 10:151765 - Leptin Favors Imbalance of Antigen-specific CD4+ T Cells Associated with Seveity of Cat Allergy
Hugo Akirito de Almeida Oyamada
2131 - Microglia Derived Extracellular Mitochondria Modulate Neuronal Survival and Function
Monara Kaelle Servulo Cruz Angelim
1894 - HIF2α Signaling Pathway in Myeloid Leukocytes Promotes Susceptibility To Iinfection With Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
Joseana de Oliveira
10.15 - 10:301839 - NAIP/NLRC4 inflammasome activation by Trypanosoma cruzi relies on cathepsins
Marcelo Pires Amaral
1951 - CD4+ T Cells of Children and Adolescents With Obesity Present an Altered Pattern Of Expression of Cytokines, Transcription Factors, and Costimulatory Molecules
Rafael Silva Lima
1933 - Lipid Accumulation Modulates Dendritic Cell Activation, Inflammatory Response and Bacterial Burden During M. bovis BCG Infection
Guilherme Iack Pinheiro da Cruz
10:30 - 10:451830 - Sting Expressed in Nociceptors Regulates the Development of Cisplatin-Induced Neuropathic Pain
Fabio Bonifacio de Andrade
2184 - Obesity alters the macrophages response to L. major in C57BL/6 mice
Vinicius Dantas Martins
1889 - Zileuton Efect In a Murine Model of Acute Respitatory Syndrome (SARS) Induced By A Betacoronavirus
Rafaela das Dores Pereira
10:45 - 11:15BREAK
11:15 - 12:00Keynote Conference 2:
Claudia Kemper (NHLBI / USA)
Complement-controlled amino acid usage paces Th1 responses
Chair: Marcelo Bozza (RJ)
12:00 - 14:00BD BIOSCIENCE Symposium
Discover the road to high-dimensional biology
Robert Balderas
12:30 - 13:30
AfternoonRoom 1Room 2Room 3
SYMPOSIUM 4: Mucosal Immunology
Chair: Ana Maria Caetano Faria
SYMPOSIUM 5: Innate Immunity
Chair: Larissa Dias Cunha (USP / SP)
SYMPOSIUM 6: Host Defense
Chair: Claudia Brodsky (FioCruz / RJ)
14:00 - 14:30Host metabolism impact by gut homeostasis disturbances in inflammatory diseases
Vinicius Andrade-Oliveira (UFABC / SP)
Metabolic control of inflammatory cell death
Charles Lee Evavold (MIT / USA)
TNF-induced reprogramming of host glucose metabolism plays a key role in controlling Plasmodium cell cycle and disease.
Ricardo Tostes Gazzinelli (UFMG / MG)
14:30 - 15:00Dietary modulation of intestinal immune responses through neuroimmune circuits
Jhimmy Talbot (FHCRC / USA)
Metabolite signaling as a regulator of inflammation
Evanna Mills (DFCI / USA)
Immune memory in children after SARS-CoV-2 infection
Cristina Bonorino (UFCSPA / PA)
15:00 - 15:30The role of gut microbiota metabolites on infectious diseases
Angelica Thomaz Vieira (UFMG / MG)
Oxidative phosphorylation in the regulation of myeloid cell function
David Sancho (CNIC / Spain)
Interferon-gamma, mitochondria and the pathogenesis of Chagas disease cardiomyopathy
Edecio Cunha Neto (FMUSP / SP)
15:30 - 15:452203 - Efferocytosis of Renca-apoptotic cells promotes suppressive effects on dendritic cells supported by glycolysis
Ludmilla da Silva Pereira
2219 - Inflammatory stimuli lead to translational stress in activated macrophages
Rodrigo Dias Requião
1916 - Death among hematologic cancer patients presenting COVID-19 is defined by a broad T cell exhaustion and a cytokine-release syndrome profile
Flávio Pignataro-Oshiro
15:45 - 16:002009 - Metabolic characterization of Foxp3+ RORgt+ T cell population in the experimental model of colitis associated colorectal cancer
Marcella Cipelli
1927 - Maturation, Mobilization And Inflammatory Profile of Neutrophils In Experimental Malaria
Lucas Freire-Antunes
1998 - Arginase 1 is a marker of protection against illness in contacts of leprosy patients
Rhana Berto da Silva Prata
16:00 - 16:152043 - Aryl hydrocarbon receptor is necessary to restrain tissue macrophage inflammatory tonus and systemic glucose homeostasis during obesity
Bianca Gazieri Castelucci
1975 - The Influence Of Erythrophagocytosis On Mouse Melanome Associated Macrophages
Luis Batista Tan
2163 - Lipid droplets contribute to SARS-CoV-2 infection and inflammatory process in human cells
Suelen da Silva Gomes Dias
16:15 - 16:50BREAK
17:00 - 17:50Keynote Conference 3:
Jeff Rathmell (VUMC / USA)
Fueling and Firing up T cells in Inflammation and
CancerChair: Alexandra Ivo Medereiros (UNESP / SP)
18:00 - 19:30Assembleia da SBI
Room 1Room 2Room 3
8:00-8:50BD BIOSCIENCE course
Single cell Mutiomics:
the potential of RNAseq and protein expression in a single methodology.
MorningRoom 1Room 2Room 3
SYMPOSIUM 7: Adaptive Immunity
Chair: Gustavo Amarante-Mendes (USP / SP)
SYMPOSIUM 8: Cellular Immunology
Chair: Denise Morais da Fonseca
SYMPOSIUM 9: Immunoregulation
Chair: André Báfica (SC)
9:00-9:30The curious case of gamma-delta T-cells in Chagas disease cardiomyopathy
Walderez Ornelas Dutra (UFMG / MG)
Lipids biosynthesis pathway informs about systemic inflammation in cutaneous leishmaniasis
Valéria Borges (IGM - FioCruz / BA)
The complex diet-microbiota-immune cell interactions involved in regulating colonic epithelium responses
Marco Vinolo (UNICAMP / SP)
9.30-10:00Adjuvant-elicited CD8+ T cell responses: what infections have failed to teach us
Ross M. Kedl (CU Anschutz / USA)
Chromatin dynamics and gene expression in host-microbiota interactions in the gut
Patrick Varga-Weisz (Essex / UK)
Metabolic changes in osteoclasts are crucial for bone loss in osteolytic diseases
Sandra Fukada (USP / SP)
10.30-10:45SBI Threza Kipnis Presentation
1873 - Targeting C5AR1 Signaling Ameliorates Covid-19 Pathology
Bruna Manuella Souza Silva
10:45-11:00SBI Threza Kipnis Presentation
2137 - Gut Microbiota From Patients With Mild Covid-19 Cause Alterations In Mice That Resemble Post-Covid Syndrome
Viviani Mendes de Almeida
11:00-11:50Keynote Conference 4:
Peter Murray (MPIB / Germany)
Immunological anti-ferroptosis in disease
Chair: Marco Vinolo
12:00-14:00LUNCH TIME
Room 1Room 2Room 3
12:30-13:50BECKMAN COULTER Symposium
Detection and Enrichment of miRNA in Extracellular Vesicles
John Tigges
Oral Presentations SLB Award

1786 - Leukotrienes In Type 1 Diabetes: Activation Of A Distinct Immunometabolic Phenotype In Macrophages
Nayara Pereira

1828 - BCG-Trained Macrophages Elicit A Protective Inflammatory Response Against The Pathogenic Bacteria Brucella abortus
Ana Carolina Valente Santos Cruz de Araujo

2165 - The Immonosuppressive Microenvironmebt Profile In Low- And High-Grade Glioma
Juliete Nathali Scholl

2174 - Zikv Infection During Pregnancy Dysregulates Kynurenine Pathway
Thiago Barros do Nascimento de Morais

2228 - Obesity increases blood-brain barrier permeability and aggravates mouse model of multiple sclerosis
Gisele de Castro
PENSABIO Symposium
Redefine Immunology with Multiomic Single Cell and Spatial Tools
Adriana Suarez
AfternoonRoom 1Room 2Room 3
SYMPOSIUM 10: Tumor Immunology
Chair: Gustavo Menezes (MG)
SYMPOSIUM 11: Innate immunity
Chair: Karina Bortoluci (SP)
SYMPOSIUM 12: Neuroimmunology
Chair: Alessandro Farias (SP)
14:00-14:30The opposite roles of glutaminase 1 and 2 in the tumor immune microenvironment
Sandra Dias (LNBIO CNPEM / SP)
New roles for the old HIF-1a in the metabolic control of macrophages
Pedro Moraes-Vieira (UNICAMP / SP)
Sleep, Stress, and Beyond...
Alexandre Keller (UNIFESP / SP)
14:30-15:00Immunomodulation and checkpoint inhibition during infection
Fernando Fonseca Guimarães (UQ / Australia)
Itaconate as metabolic regulator of endotoxin tolerance
Maxim Artyomov (WUSTL / USA)
The role of brain macrophages regulating CSF flow
Antonie Drieu (WUSTL / USA)
15:00-15:30STAT3 and low density neutrophils as immunomodulatory mechanisms in cancer
Ana Paula Lepique (USP / SP)
Metabolic-epigenetic regulation of macrophage phenotype and function
Lev Becker (Uchicago / USA)
Coupling oxygen and glucose metabolism in mitochondria: a fine redox control?
Antônio Galina (UFRJ / RJ)
16:00-16:15SBI Threza Kipnis Presentation
2215 - Immunization with a RBD/Nucleocapsid fusion protein promotes neutralizing antibody-independent resistance to infection with wild type and SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern
Julia Castro
16:15-16:30SBI Threza Kipnis Presentation
1729 - T-cell intrinsic expression of AIM2 promotes Th17 cells differentiation by regulating RORγt activity
Jefferson Antonio Leite
16:30-16:45SBI Threza Kipnis Presentation
2202 - Nucleocapsid-specific CD8+ T cells and antibodies characterize immune memory responses in SARS-CoV-2 infected children
Júlia Crispim da Fontoura
16:50-17:50Keynote Conference 5:
Edward Chouchani (DFCI / USA)
Mechanisms of metabolite regulation over immune cell function
Chair: Ricardo T. Gazzinelli
MorningRoom 1Room 2Room 3
SYMPOSIUM 13: Metabolism and Beyond
Chair: Fernando Queiroz Cunha (FMRP-USP / SP)
SYMPOSIUM 14: Nutrition and Metabolic syndromes
Chair: Momtchilo Russo (SP)
SYMPOSIUM 15: Adaptive Immunity
Chair: João Viola (RJ)
9:00-9:30COVID-19-related hyperglycemia as a result of hepatic gluconeogenesis
Luiz Osório Leiria (FMRP-USP / SP)
Immunological contributions to food quality control
Esther Florsheim (ASU / USA)
Control of regulatory T cell homeostasis and function by adenosine signaling.
José Carlos Alves Filho (FMRP-USP / SP)
9.30-10:00From COVID to Space: Common Dysregulation with Mitochondrial Impacting Immune Functions During Space Flight and COVID-19.
Afshin Beheshti (KBR, NASA ARC / USA)
Sphingosine (or lack thereof) and skin host defense during metabolic syndrome
Carlos Henrique Serezani (VUMC / USA)
P2RX7 and CD39 in immune response and metabolism
Maria Regina D’Império Lima (USP / SP)
10:00-10:151949 - The role of immune cells infiltration in NAD+ metabolism disturbances during Mayaro virus infection in mice
Matheus Atella de Oliveira
1906 - Mechanisms Of Resistance To Cart- Cell Immunotherapy: Insights From Mathematical Modelling
Daniela Silva Santurio
2113 - Airway administration of postbiotic protects mice against respiratory syncytial virus infection promoting immune tolerogenic profile
Krist Helen Antunes
10.15-10:302188 - Metabolic-trained immunity potentiates SARS-CoV-2 inflammation to worsen Covid-19 disease.
Larissa Menezes dos Reis
2056 - Chronic Ingestioon of Primex-Z, Compared With Other Common Fat Sources, Drives Worse Liver Injury and Enhanced Susceptibility To Bacterial Infections
Maísa Mota Antunes
1848 - Prognostic Value Of Strem-1 For Disease Severity and Mortality in Covid-19 Patients, Cooperative Actions of Leukocytes and MMP-8
Pedro Vieira da Silva Neto
10:30-10-452236 - Aryl Hidrocarbon Receptor Immunometabolic Role During A Murine Betacoronavirus Experimental Infection
Fernando Roque Ascenção
2240 - T-bet regulates inflammatory macrophages mediators, metabolism and function
Webster Leonardo Guimarães da Costa
1909 - The Epigenetic Modulator CBX4 In CD8 T Cell Differentiation
Guilherme Afonso Melo
11:15-12:00Keynote Conference 6:
Miguel Soares (IGC / Portugal)
Metabolic adaptation as a defence strategy against infection
Chair: Alexandre Salgado Basso
12:00-14:00LUNCH TIME
Room 1Room 2Room 3
12:30-13:50PREMIO PESQUISADOR SBI - BD Oral Presentations

Guilherme Cesar Martelossi Cebinelli - FMRP/USP
Priscila Creppas de Souza e Silva - UFSC
Thais Nascimento Kimmemgs - IEP /HSL

Daniele Carvalho Bernardo Nascimento - FMRP/USP
Kamila Guimarães Pinto - IMPG/ UFRJ
Rodrigo Nalio Ramos - FMUSP
PENSABIO Symposium
Redefine Immunology with Multiomic Single Cell and Spatial Tools
Fernanda Mansur
AfternoonRoom 1Room 2Room 3
SYMPOSIUM 16: Innate immunity
Chair: Renata Meirelles Pereira
SYMPOSIUM 17: Cell Communication
Chair: Jean Pierre
SYMPOSIUM 18: Host Defense
Chair: João Trindade Marques (MG)
14:00-14:30FcγR-mediated SARS-CoV-2 infection of monocytes activates inflammation
Caroline Junqueira (FioCruz Minas e Harvard Medical School/ MG)
Do not mess up my house! Hepatic niche for macrophages is essential to immune response to injury
Gustavo Menezes (UFMG / MG)
Potential implications of NAD metabolism to the antiviral innate immune response
Andrea Poian (UFRJ / RJ)
14:30-15:00Integration of Methylation Risk Scores (MRS) to Predict Risk and Severity of Immune-Mediated Disease
Kathleen C. Barnes (CU Anschutz / USA)
New Signals Governing Adipocyte-Macrophage Crosstalk in the Context of Metabolic Diseases
Marcelo Mori (UNICAMP / SP)
Short chain fatty acids and respiratory viral infections.
Ana Paula Duarte de Souza (PUC / RS)
15:00-15:30How Cryptococcus neoformans dormant cell modulate macrophages metabolism
Anamélia Bocca (UNB / DF)
Single-cell profiling of macrophages in the tumor microenvironment: a pan-cancer analysis
Mariana Boroni (INCA / RJ)
The cation channel TMEM176B as a target to control inflammation in COVID-19 and in obesity.
Marcelo Hill (Institut Pasteur de Montevideo / Uruguay)
15:30-15:451945 - Evaluation of plasmacytoid dendritic cell differentiation and migration during COVID-19 infection in an experimental model
Jéssica Assis Pereira
2039 - β2 Adrenergic Signaling Stimulates IL-1β Secretion By Inducing Mapk-Dependent Il1b Transcription
Filipe M. de Melo
2064 - Identification of a CXCR3+ CD8+ T lymphocyte subset associated with diminished risk of paradoxical tuberculosis-related immune reconstitution syndrome in patients with advanced HIV infection
Rafael Teixeira Tiburcio dos Santos
15:45 -16:001962 - Heme Impairs Cellular Respiration and Induces Mitochondrial Fission In Macrophages
Elisa Beatriz Prestes
1871 - Serotonin Regulates Cytokine Production By Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells of Patients With Major Depression In Response To TLRs Ligands
Marcos Octavio Salvaterra Dutra Cafasso
1935 - T-Cell Exhaustion Induced During Malaria Compromises the Clinical Course Of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis
Uyla Onellas-Garcia
16:00 -16:152073 - Generation and Optimization of anti-CD19 Car-T Cell for Leukemia Immunotherapy
Leonardo Ribeiro Batista Silva
1882 - TLR-4 Signaling In Hepatocytes, But Not In Immune System, Is the Main Driver for Hepatic Metabolic Alterations During Endotoxemia
Hortência Oliveira
1723 - Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells Reduce TH1/TH17 Immunity and Promote a More Severe Pulmonary Paracoccidioidomucosis
Nicolas William Preite
17:00-17:50Keynote Conference 7:
Max Cooper (Emory University / USA)
Lymphocyte Evolution in Vertebrates
Chair: Jorge Kalil (USP / SP)
Room 1Room 2Room 3
SYMPOSIUM 19: Obesity and Diabetes
Chair: Niels Olsen Câmara (USP / SP)
SYMPOSIUM 20: Adaptive Immunity
Chair: José Carlos Alves Filho (FMRP-USP / SP)
SYMPOSIUM 21: Signaling and Lymphocyte Activation
Chair: João Viola (RJ)
9:00-9:30Impact of gut microbiota on pancreas-gut interface in autoimmune type 1 diabetes: a focus on regulatory and pathogenic T cells
Daniela Carlos Sartori (FMRP-USP / SP)
Metabolic regulation of NK and NKT cells
Cristhiane Favero de Aguiar (TCD / Ireland)
Pseudocowpox virus as a vector to enhance the therapeutic efficacy of antitumor T cell responses
Rodrigo Nalio (USP/SP)
9.30-10:00Modulation of colonic lamina propria macrophages phenotype in high-fat diet-induced obesity
Angela Castoldi (UFPE / PE)
Targeting mitochondrial metabolism to influence T cell differentiation and function
Tim Sparwasser (JGU / Germany)
Mobilizing lipids as anti-tumor immunotherapy
Yinan Gong (University of Pittsburgh / USA)
10:30-11:20Keynote Conference 8:
Patricia Bozza (FioCruz / RJ)
Immunometabolic functions of lipid droplets in host response to infections
Chair: Sérgio Costa Oliveira (MG)